2023 NFL Draft: Top 10 Interior Offensive Linemen and their fits with the Atlanta Falcons

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No. 7: Steve Avila, Texas Christian

2022: 15 Games Started at Left Guard
2021: 11 Games Started at Center, 12 Games Played at Right Guard and Center
2020: 9 Games Started at Left Guard, Right Guard and Center
2019: 11 Games Played at Left Guard, Right Guard and Center
2018: Redshirted

Steve Avila is one of the best offensive linemen in the draft and fits in well with either a zone scheme or a gap-blocking scheme. He can play either guard or center. He led Texas Christian to a national championship game with his play and leadership on the line. Justin Blalock isn't just his best comparison on the field and athletically; he's his best comparison all-around. Teams will love his high level of football intelligence and overall fit for their team as a starter anywhere in the interior three.

The Falcons would love him as a starting left guard for the next decade. He'd be able to come in right away and be the glue guy like on a basketball team. The glue guy is the guy that brings everyone to the next level on a basketball team, and for the Falcons, that's what Avila could be for the offensive line. His abilities as a pass blocker would be a massive improvement over what they have at left guard while also being the perfect communicator they need for pass protection on that side.

Player Comparison: Justin Blalock