2023 NFL Draft: Top 10 Offensive Tackles and their fits with the Atlanta Falcons

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The Atlanta Falcons have a reasonably solid group of offensive tackles already, but they could be in the market for a long-term solution to eventually replace Jake Matthews or Kaleb McGary in the NFL draft in a couple of years. The top 10 tackles of the 2023 NFL Draft have varied skill sets but tend to be more technically sound than the tackles from past drafts. Atlanta could look into any of these ten guys at any point in the first three or four rounds and improve their unit both short and long-term.

No. 1: Broderick Jones, Georgia

2022: 15 Games Started at Left Tackle
2021: 4 Games Started at Left Tackle, 11 Games Played at Left Tackle
2020: 2 Games Played at Right Tackle

Broderick Jones is the best offensive lineman in the draft, tackle, or interior. He has four position versatility and projection, but teams will like him best as a left tackle or right tackle, depending on their current contract situations. Jones has a ceiling up there in the Jason Peters and Tyron Smith based on his physical abilities alone. However, where he really stands out is the nasty streak that he plays with and the abilities he shows with both pass blocking and run blocking.

His weaknesses all come from his lack of experience and his lack of refinement in technique. However, the Falcons have the ability to help him build his technique and help him gain experience. He might have to be the selection at No. 8 overall for them to secure his services, but it's the cost of getting a long-time franchise left tackle. He may start out as a left guard in Atlanta during his rookie season, but he would be the long-term left tackle once Jake Matthews has to move inside or retire.

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