2023 NFL Draft: Top 10 Offensive Tackles and their fits with the Atlanta Falcons

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No. 3: Darnell Wright, Tennessee

2022: 13 Games Started at Right Tackle
2021: 13 Games Started at Left Tackle
2020: 9 Games Started at Right Tackle, 10 Games Played at Right Tackle
2019: 7 Games Started at Right Guard and Right Tackle, Games Played at Right Guard, and Right Tackle

Darnell Wright is a true right tackle in the NFL. He's got a long-term role for a team running a power scheme, and his best asset is his experience on both sides of the line. He has exceptional strength and delivers a pop with his hands that can knock even some of the biggest defensive ends in the NFL off their line to the quarterback. His issue comes in from his feet. He's not the swiftest guy out there, and while he has no trouble getting around the edge to pull in the college game, he doesn't have the speed for the NFL level there.

The Falcons aren't a good fit for him if he's looking at a long-term fit at right tackle. The zone scheme requires too much quickness for the former Volunteer. Wright is a likely first-round pick towards the end of the round, but for Atlanta, he would likely best fit as a guard. He's not the right fit for the Falcons in any round despite being a very good all-around player.

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