2023 NFL Draft: Top 10 Quarterbacks and their fits with the Atlanta Falcons

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No. 10: Max Duggan, Texas Christian

2022: 15 Games Played, 267-of-419 (63.7 percent), 3,698 Yards, 32 Touchdowns, 8 Interceptions, 137 Carries, Yards, Touchdowns, 1 Catch, 1 Yard
2021: 10 Games Played, 145-of-227 (63.9 percent), 2,048 Yards, 16 Touchdowns, 6 Interceptions, 105 Carries, 352 Yards, 3 Touchdowns
2020: 10 Games Played, 146-of-240 (60.8 percent), 1,795 Yards, 10 Touchdowns, 4 Interceptions, 116 Carries, 526 Yards, 10 Touchdowns, 1 Catches, 0 Yards, 1 Tackle
2019: 12 Games Played, 181-of-339 (53.4 percent), 2,077 Yards, 15 Touchdowns, 10 Interceptions, 130 Carries, 555 Yards, 6 Touchdowns, 1 Tackle

Max Duggan is a mediocre quarterback who has better running abilities than passing abilities. A couple of names popped through when watching his tape like Reggie Ball and Johnny Manziel. He's not very accurate and not exactly good when it comes to throwing the ball. But he's athletic and can lead his team. He has some fine moments where he connects to the receivers and creates big plays, but he needs to get more accurate as a whole.

If the Falcons do decide to bring in Duggan, they'll need to look in the seventh round or undrafted free agency. He's not particularly good enough to be drafted, but the seventh round is more about taking guys so other teams can't sign them in free agency. Considering Falcons general manager Terry Fontenot and head coach Arthur Smith like to run the ball a lot, Duggan could be a good developmental backup for them. Nonetheless, this is an unlikely fit for the Falcons in general.

Player Comparison: Johnny Manziel

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