2023 NFL Draft: Top 10 Tight Ends and their fits with the Atlanta Falcons

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Michael Mayer
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No. 1: Michael Mayer, Notre Dame

2022: 12 Games Played, 67 Catches, 809 Yards, 9 Touchdowns, 1 Tackle
2021: 12 Games Played, 71 Catches, 840 Yards, 7 Touchdowns, 2 Tackles
2020: 12 Games Played, 42 Catches, 450 Yards, 2 Touchdowns, 1 Tackle

Michael Mayer is the top tight end in the draft because of his all-around abilities. He's not an explosive athlete at all, but he can block, catch and create with the ball in his hands the way any team would want their tight ends to do so. Teams can put him in-line, out wide or in the slot and have a talented option for their quarterback. He compares well to Jason Witten, who wasn't the best athlete either, but had arguably the third-best career of any tight end in NFL history.

The Falcons seem a bit log-jammed at tight end, but have said they would have no troubles adding to a strength. Mayer would be the in-line tight end the majority of the time the offense is on the field and allow Kyle Pitts to be aligned elsewhere to maximize everyone's strengths. The Falcons would likely not be interested until the second round of the draft, but Mayer looks like a true first round tight end who will impact a team's offense positively.

Player Comparison: Jason Witten