2023 NFL Draft: Top 10 Tight Ends and their fits with the Atlanta Falcons

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Dalton Kincaid, Connor Soelle
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No. 3: Dalton Kincaid

2022: 12 Games Played, 70 Catches, 890 Yards, 8 Touchdowns, 1 Tackle
2021: 14 Games Played, 36 Catches, 510 Yards, 8 Touchdowns, 1 Carry, 4 Yards, 1 Tackle
2020: 5 Games Played, 1 Catch, 14 Yards, 1 Tackle
2019: 12 Games Played, 44 Catches, 835 Yards, 8 Touchdowns
2018: 12 Games Played, 24 Catches, 374 Yards, 11 Touchdowns

Dalton Kincaid didn't have any testing numbers because he was dealing with a fracture in his back. Teams will forgive that to take him on the second day because of just how good he is as a receiver. He's not the fastest but has quality size and speed. Kincaid plays tight end like a power forward in that he boxes out for the ball. He uses his body positioning to take advantage of his size and create those third down catches that are crucial for an offense.

He terrorized Southern California with that in the Pac-12 championship game. The Falcons would likely want him as an in-line tight end. While he could be the starter there, he wouldn't have to be. The Falcons likely wouldn't take him until the third round. His blocking is solid enough that they would have no qualms about him being the in-line tight end and allowing Pitts to be more of that big slot wide receiver for Desmond Ridder.

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