2023 Preseason: Winners and Losers from the Atlanta Falcons game with the Miami Dolphins

The Atlanta Falcons beat the Miami Dolphins on the back of a dominant defensive performance.
Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins
Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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Winner: LB Nate Landman

Surprisingly, Nate Landman, and not Mykal Walker, was given the green dot for this game—meaning he was responsible for all of the defensive calls while he was on the field. This makes him the primary backup at the middle linebacker position and makes him one of the most important backups on the team. Atlanta got great play out of Landman as he was communicating with the defensive line well all game and showed that he can be a good reserve for the team with his five tackles (one for loss), one sack and overall fantastic play in the running game.

Loser: Third-string offensive line

The third string offensive line was in for most of the final five drives. They didn't score a single point on those drives even though they made it to the red zone on one of them after an Arnold Ebiketie forced and recovered fumble during a sack. They were only able to gain 103 yards in the half behind the third string line. They also allowed two sacks during the time they were on the field and were unable to create a consistent push up front against the Miami third string.

Winner: RB Godwin Egwebuike

In the battle for fourth string running back, Godwin Egwebuike took the early lead. He rattled off 70 yards on 13 carries and added a touchdown. The only offensive touchdown of the game. He even showed that he was a solid kick returner with a 24-yard return on the only kick return for the Falcons during the game. Between Egwebuike and rookie Carlos Washington, round one goes to the savvy and strong veteran who kept the ball moving.