2024 Atlanta Falcons mock draft: What it would look like with a trade-up for a Quarterback

In this one, two trades help the Falcons fill out the roster.

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Now that the Falcons have established who their head coach is and who their offensive coordinator is, it's time to see who their quarterback and the future of the franchise will be. Atlanta has a fantastic roster outside of a couple of spots, and this mock draft is designed to try and improve the roster while attacking the quarterback position early. Atlanta will likely need to trade for a quarterback to be their franchise guy, and this mock draft will explore one of those avenues to bring in arguably the best quarterback in the last 3 years.

Like every year, a mock draft simulator was used. This year, it was the NFL Mock Draft Database simulator. It is free, includes trades, and is a relatively accurate big board to go off of from the last few seasons. Click this to run your own mock drafts!