2024 Atlanta Falcons mock draft: What it would look like with a trade-up for a Quarterback

In this one, two trades help the Falcons fill out the roster.

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Seventh Round (No. 242 overall): OL Andrew Raym, Oklahoma

The only guys under contract at guard and center are All-Pro Chris Lindstrom, 2023 second-round pick Matthew Bergeron, starting center Drew Dalman, and depth talents Jovaughn Gwyn, Kyle Hinton, and Justin Shaffer. With a seventh-round pick, a guy who can play multiple spots, show versatility on either the left or right side, and even play center would be a good addition. Ideally, it's someone who can compete for some time with Dalman at center if Dalman takes a step back with the schematic changes that the loss of Arthur Smith as head coach and offensive play-caller will bring.

If one Andrew is good, then two Andrews are better. Andrew Raym from Oklahoma joining Andrew Coker as a depth offensive lineman for the 2024 season and as potential competition for Drew Dalman makes a ton of sense. He's got a great frame at 6-foot-4, 308 pounds, and fits in well with the Falcons schematically. Raym is a two-year starter at center and also played some left guard for the Sooners. He's highly intelligent with his blitz pickup calls and really helps solidify the interior of the line for the Sooners. Atlanta would drastically improve their interior depth with Raym in the fold.

With a new head coach and new schemes, the Atlanta Falcons are in for a bit of a facelift. While this doesn't address every single hole on the roster, it does a good job of adding depth, some starters, and competition all over the roster. Atlanta would be a much better team with this group added—primarily because it would help the Falcons address the question, "Who is the quarterback?" But it would also answer the question of, "What is the Falcons' identity moving forward?"

That identity would be of "Caleb Williams and Raheem Morris' team." One that will be explosive. One that would attack on offense and defense. One that would be based on taking advantage of any mistake opponents make. The best plan moving forward is the one where the Falcons end up with the true franchise quarterback.

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