2024 Atlanta Falcons mock draft: What it would look like with a trade-up for a Quarterback

In this one, two trades help the Falcons fill out the roster.

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Trade 1: Atlanta trades up for the No. 1 overall pick

This mock draft only works if the Chicago Bears decide that Justin Fields is their franchise guy. While the Falcons could potentially make a trade for Fields, assuming that the Bears want him as the franchise guy makes more sense in this scenario. Atlanta would likely have to trade up to No. 1 with the following package:

Atlanta Falcons receive:
2024 First-round pick (No. 1 overall)

Chicago Bears receive:
2024 First-round pick (No. 8 overall)
2024 Third-round pick (No. 79 overall)
2025 First-round pick
2025 Fourth-round pick
2026 First-round pick

The Falcons will likely have to give up a bunch of picks to move up for a quarterback. In this situation, they give up three first-round picks, and a pair of mid-round picks for the move. In terms of value, it's not too much different than the trade-up from No. 9 last year for the Panthers. However, the upgraded pick in replacement of D.J. Moore from a second in 2026 to a first should help get this deal done. The Falcons would then be in line to select the best possible player for the franchise.