2024 Atlanta Falcons mock draft: What it would look like with a trade-up for a Quarterback

In this one, two trades help the Falcons fill out the roster.

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Fifth Round (No. 141 overall): S Cole Bishop, Utah

At safety, the Falcons have some interesting things they could look at. They currently have All-Pro Jessie Bates, draft picks Richie Grant and DeMarcco Hellams as well as former practice squad guys Micah Abernathy, Lukas Denis, and Tre Tarpley under contract. Adding someone to the unit to compete for a starting role with Grant and Hellams next to Bates as well as enhance the depth of the unit makes a ton of sense for the Falcons to do. There are a ton of great options in the draft, but the Falcons might have to both go back to a well and stay close to home for this one.

Cole Bishop would be the second Utah defender selected in this draft, but he's also from the Atlanta area having grown up in Peachtree City, Georgia. He's a 6-foot-2, 207-pound strong safety who fits as a perfect complement for the rangy Bates. He can cover effectively deep or intermediately and had three interceptions his last two seasons for the Utes. He can surprise blitz from the secondary as well with 7.5 sacks and two quarterback hurries through his time there as well. He tends to make plays in the second level against the run and can tackle in the open field very well.

The Falcons would instantly have someone who could end up starting for them this season, but worst case scenario, he's a talented safety to add to the depth of the organization and enhance the special teams unit. Atlanta has been building this team for the last few years, and they are finally at a point where they can focus on depth throughout the draft. Adding Bishop to the 2023 draft steal Clark Phillips to the secondary depth to keep that Utah-to-Atlanta pipeline open would be a smart idea.