2024 Atlanta Falcons Mock Draft: Where the needs look to be at the bye

Assuming the Falcons quarterback situation doesn't rely on the draft, this is the mock for you.
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The Atlanta Falcons headed into the bye with a lot of questions surrounding the team. The questions that weren't there was about the makeup of the roster. They have holes all over the team, and while no mock draft is ever able to cover up all the holes, this one attempts to hit some of the biggest holes right now. This mock draft also assumes a couple of things about the Falcons quarterback situation.

The quarterback situation right now is still very fluid, despite calls for the team to draft a quarterback high in 2024 from the fan base. Until the team shows that they want to replace Desmond Ridder as the starter, the assumption here is that he will be the guy. And if they do replace him, this mock also leaves room in free agency to go after someone along the lines of a Kirk Cousins or potentially even a trade for someone like a Justin Fields. And no, Kyler Murray wouldn't be on the Falcons radar due to his albatross of a contract, but that's a whole other article.

Notes on the picks the Falcons have:
1) The Falcons had an extra sixth-round pick from the Deion Jones trade last season and sent away their seventh round pick as part of it.
2) That pick was traded away as part of the deal that brought Kentavious Street to the Falcons.
3) The extra third round pick from the Jaguars is part of the Calvin Ridley trade. Ridley has to meet a 60 percent playing time escalator, 75-catch escalator or 1,000-yard escalator to hit the third round pick. If he re-signs with the Jaguars, they have to send over a second round pick instead.