2024 Atlanta Falcons Mock Draft: Where the needs look to be at the bye

Assuming the Falcons quarterback situation doesn't rely on the draft, this is the mock for you.

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Round 3, No. 90 overall (from Jacksonville): WR Ladd McConkey, Georgia

A second wide receiver in the draft sounds like overkill. However, when looking at the snap percentages for wide receivers in the offense, the Falcons need to have at least three competent wide receivers to help open up the offense. The Falcons functionally need to add two players that can each play 60 percent of the snaps at wide receiver this offseason that can add a deep threat to beat defenses and yards after catch ability. Ladd McConkey from Georgia is a more normal sized wide receiver at 6-foot, 185 pounds. However, he can run after catch with the best of them and has great understanding of route concepts and how to find the holes in zone coverage to help his quarterback.

Round 4, No. 111 overall: S Cole Bishop, Utah

The Falcons have seen uninspired play from Richie Grant throughout the year. He's been a target for a lot of deep passes and has been blowing coverages. Cole Bishop is a true free safety who projects well for the Falcons defense that has been running a lot of cover two and cover three looks. He can help close the middle of the field and cover the deep passes that have been plaguing Grant all season. He also would be great competition for DeMarcco Hellams and Grant as a potential starter in 2024. On top of that, he would be depth behind Bates at free safety to allow the Falcons some leeway in case of injury.