2024 Atlanta Falcons Potential Draft Pick Profile: CB Nate Wiggins

Could the Falcons dip back into the Clemson well for another cornerback?
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The Atlanta Falcons could use more help at cornerback, and Nate Wiggins out of Clemson could be a perfect fit for the roster. He's a little bit light, but as a coverage corner, he might be the best one in the draft. Athletically, he's definitely the fastest of all the corners in the draft and has the kind of recovery speed that allows him to make mistakes at times. Atlanta could add him and instantly have a starter across from A.J. Terrell with potential to be a No. 1 corner here should they decide Terrell doesn't need to be extended.

Nate Wiggins

Clemson University


Athletic Comparison and Numbers

Athletically, Nate Wiggins is a little light in the seat. He needs to gain weight and strength to compete in the NFL long term. 175 pound corners don't tend to have long careers. So he'll really have to add some weight with an NFL strength and nutrition program. If he can without losing all of his speed, he should be in a great position. And considering he runs a 4.28 in the 40, he should be able to gain the weight and still be sub-4.4 in the 40, which would keep him in a great spot.

Stats and Awards

2023: 10 Games Played, 29 Tackles, 1.0 Tackle for Loss, 1.0 Sack, 2 Interceptions, 2 Fumbles Forced, 6 Pass Deflections, 1 Defensive Touchdown, First-Team All-ACC
2022: 13 Games Played, 30 Tackles, 2.0 Tackles for Loss, 1 Interception, 12 Pass Deflections, 1 Defensive Touchdown, First-Team All-ACC
2021: 11 Games Played, 2 Tackles, 2 Pass Deflections

Highlight Reel

Scouting Report


Nate Wiggins has a lot of things he does really well. Covering zone or man, he does better when he can press. His speed shows on field, and it translates to his ability to keep up with every receiver. His long frame allows him to get into the catch radii of receivers easily. He's got fantastic hips and feet technique and just needs to be quicker instinctually. And if he ever gets his hands on the ball, he's gone. He can run it back from anywhere on the field whether it's an interception or return. On top of that, he's a fantastic special teams player on the field goal block team blocking one and coming close to many more.


The biggest weakness in Wiggins game comes against the run. He needs to play with more effort and needs to get stronger so that he can be a better run defender. On top of that, he allows too much space when he's guarding a deep ball. He needs to go after the ball more in coverage and become more of a ballhawk. He also doesn't do well with off-man coverages and tends to flip his hips too late and plays more as a chaser than a true trail defender on those plays.

Intangibles & Off-Field Red Flags

Clemson never made Nate Wiggins a captain for his unit. He was never suspended or arrested, either though. Wiggins shows a ton of effort on the field and did play on the special teams units while he was there. Teams shouldn't have any off-field concerns about him though. The biggest concern about Wiggins is his weight and the groin injury he suffered at the NFL combine running his 40-yard dash. As long as he's fully healed, it shouldn't be a long-term injury.

NFL Stylistic Comparison: Antoine Winfield Sr.

While he's a good bit taller than Antoine Winfield, Wiggins does play a lot like him. He's able to play in zone or man coverage and can return an interception back from anywhere on the field. However, he struggles in run support and is undersized. Winfield eventually was able to make those weaknesses passable for him. However, teams will be more than willing to work with Wiggins because of the potential he has to be a No. 1 cornerback in a defense.

How does he fit in with the Atlanta Falcons

If the Falcons want Nate Wiggins, they will likely have to trade up to the first round for him. It would likely be towards the back end of the first round to get him. Wiggins fits in well with the schemes the Falcons will be running and could end up being a starter as early as 2024. He'd be competing with Clark Phillips, Dee Alford and the new additions Kevin King and Antonio Hamilton for the starting role opposite A.J. Terrell, but if he fails to get it, he should still end up as the third corner for nickel sets.

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