2024 Atlanta Falcons Potential Draft Pick Profile: CB Terrion Arnold

If the Falcons want to shock the world, drafting pure press corner Terrion Arnold would be the move that could do it.
Alabama v Tennessee
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The Atlanta Falcons are in need of a long-term solution at cornerback across from A.J. Terrell, and Terrion Arnold is the best cornerback in the draft. Arnold is a press cornerback who can man up with the best of them. He'd be different than a lot of the cornerbacks that Raheem Morris has had through the years, but since it's his show now, it wouldn't be shocking to see him go against what is presumed to be his normal type for a new type of player.

Terrion Arnold

University of Alabama


Athletic Comparison and Numbers

While Richard Marshall wasn't the best cornerback in the NFL during his time playing, he was still an extremely solid cornerback and a great starting corner for the Panthers. Marshall was that good because of his athleticism, and the same can be said for Terrion Arnold. Size and short-area agility are top-tier for a starting cornerback and should allow him to be an effective corner in man or zone. While his 40 wasn't the best at 4.50, it's plenty fast enough to be a starting corner in the NFL.

Stats and Awards

2023: 14 Games Played, 63 Tackles, 6.5 Tackles for Loss, 1.0 Sack, 2 QB Hurries, 5 Interceptions, 1 Fumble Forced, 12 Pass Deflections, 1 Kick Return, 22 Yards, First-Team All-American, First Team All-SEC
2022: 11 Games Played, 45 Tackles, 1.0 Tackle for Loss, 1 Interception, 8 Pass Deflections, Freshman All-American, Freshman All-SEC
2021: Redshirted

Highlight Reel

Scouting Report


"My mindset. It doesn't matter who I'm going against, every time I line up, I come to dominate.

Terrion Arnold

SI.com's Dustin Schutte quoted Terrion Arnold with the kind of mindset that only dominant corners in the NFL have. He's one of the best in press coverage because he knocks around receivers at the line and has the feet and hips that allow him to keep up with them in coverage. He's more than willing to separate a receiver from the ball and loves contact. He's a great run defender because of that stuff as well. He's able to get around blockers like a linebacker or safety does. Arnold is also a fantastic ballhawk with 20 pass deflections and six interceptions in just two years as as starter.


Arnold's biggest weakness is his ability to get faked out at the line. He needs to get better at anticipating what the receivers will do across from him at the next level. In off-man and off-zone coverages he has trouble with allowing too much space. If he can get better on contested catches, he could end up with even more ball production moving forward. And while he loves contact, he needs to improve his ability at wrapping up tackles.

Intangibles & Off-Field Red Flags

Terrion Arnold isn't a captain for Alabama, and that honor is rarely given to freshmen or sophomores under Nick Saban. However, any Saban cornerback is going to be very coachable and hard working. Otherwise, they're never going to start for Saban. Arnold has one of the cleanest off-field records for any player in the draft and even had a son-like relationship with the Sabans. It's rare when players get that close with them, but Arnold was able to. His personality might be something that sets him apart for his new team at the next level.

NFL Stylistic Comparison: Marshon Lattimore

After nearly a decade of watching Marshon Lattimore clamp on Atlanta receivers, it's tough not to watch Terrion Arnold and see a guy like Lattimore in comparison. Both men are fantastic press cornerbacks and have some grabbiness to their game that gets them in trouble at times. However, both guys are very technically sound, stick with their men in all coverages. Both are also fantastic run defenders who love contact and are more than willing to jam receivers at the line.

How does he fit in with the Atlanta Falcons

Terrion Arnold would likely have to be selected with a small trade down from No. 8 overall to the No. 11 to No. 15 range. Unless the Falcons were bold and wanted to take him at No. 8, that's the perfect move. It would be a bit of a shock to see him selected, but he would be an instant starter at corner for the Falcons. He's the best cornerback in the draft and should be selected accordingly. He would easily beat out Clark Phillips and Dee Alford in this scheme.

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