2024 Atlanta Falcons Potential Draft Pick Profile: TE Theo Johnson

The Falcons adding a super athletic tight end to the mix like Theo Johnson could add a fun wrinkle with the new scheme.
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With the new scheme under offensive coordinator Zach Robinson, the Atlanta Falcons could be looking into another tight end instead of a fullback. Someone along the lines of Theo Johnson would be perfect for the new scheme as a No. 2 tight end even though he wasn't the most productive tight end at the college level. Atlanta would be wise to see if they could pair him with Kyle Pitts for a long-term situation because it could help both players reach their potential.

Theo Johnson

Pennsylvania State University

Tight End

Athletic Comparison and Numbers

If athletic potential was millions of dollars, Theo Johnson's got around $65 million worth of athletic potential. That's what Jimmy Graham's career earnings were with similar combine numbers. Graham was a former basketball player who played just one year of football in college. Johnson hs much more experience both in college and when he was growing up. Teams will appreciate his athleticism, but they will hope that he can become a similar player to what Graham was in his career.

Stats and Awards

2023: 13 Games Played, 34 Catches, 341 Yards, 7 Touchdowns, 1 Tackle, All-Big Ten Honorable Mention, Iron Lion Award Winner, Mackey Award Semi-finalist
2022: 11 Games Played, 20 Catches, 328 Yards, 4 Touchdowns, 1 Tackle
2021: 13 Games Played, 19 Catches, 213 Yards, 1 Touchdown
2020: 7 Games Played, 4 Catches, 56 Yards, 1 Tackle

Highlight Reel

Scouting Report


Theo Johnson has a great frame that helps him box out defenders at the line, and he has a great ability on contested catches because of it. Johnson is a willing blocker and looks for work when he's blocking. Despite a lack of production compared to other top tight ends, Johnson has a proficiency in route running that is unexpected. He does a great job finding holes in the zone and working his routes off of the other receivers on plays to get open against man coverage.


Despite being a solid route runner, Johnson doesn't sit in open spots between the voids he needs to be. He's not great after the catch and needs to get better at running with the ball. He doesn't hit defenders hard when he's blocking and needs to fix his footwork and technique with his blocking. NFL teams will have work to do with his technique in blocking and route running minutiae, but they will have a malleable piece of clay to turn into a great player.

Intangibles & Off-Field Red Flags

While Theo Johnson was a captain for the Nittany Lions during his final year on campus, he was also arrested for assault at one point when he was in college as well. Unlike a more minor crime, violent crime isn't as tolerable for NFL teams. They will need to understand everything about that incident before they even consider having him on the board. It's about as red as a red flag can get because of the nature of it. However, if the story behind it is mitigating, it's very possible that teams decide to keep him on the board.

NFL Stylistic Comparison: Jared Cook

While his athletic comparison is Jimmy Graham, Theo Johnson's on-field comparison is Jared Cook. Cook was a similar tight end who was a solid enough receiver with a ton of athletic potential coming out and who developed into just enough of a blocker to be a quality player. Teams will love Johnson as a slot receiver/tight end type player like what Cook was throughout his career. Cook showed that a player like Johnson would be able to succeed in the NFL.

How does he fit in with the Atlanta Falcons

If the Falcons want to take Theo Johnson, they would be wise to wait until day three and take him with their early fourth round pick. He would be a good fit as a tight end in multiple different sets for the team and could play in-line or as an H-back. Johnson could play on special teams as well as on offense. He would instantly upgrade over Charlie Woerner for those 12 and 13 personnel looks and could develop into a potential replacement for Kyle Pitts if Pitts doesn't take off this year.

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