2024 NFL Draft: 5 teams who could trade with the Atlanta Falcons

These five teams could be interested in acquiring the Atlanta Falcons' eighth-overall pick during the 2024 NFL Draft.

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4. Falcons could trade back with the Jacksonville Jaguars (No. 17)

Calvin Ridley's decision is a big factor in this. It sounds like the Jacksonville Jaguars were counting on him being back but then their division rival swooped in and took him.

They may want to target a top receiver and give even more draft picks to the Atlanta Falcons. They also need help in the secondary for Ryan Nielsen's defense.


5. Falcons could trade back with the Detroit Lions (No. 29)

That is a long way to go if you are the Atlanta Falcons and Detroit Lions. Nevertheless, the Lions are a team in a great position to make a huge splash since their roster is pretty rounded out.

Maybe they pull a Thomas Dimitroff of 2011 and trade up for a top receiver. Cornerback and edge rusher would also be in play here. Don't be surprised if Lions GM Brad Holmes is incredibly aggressive in the draft.

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