3 Adjustments the Atlanta Falcons should be making during the bye

Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals
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1. Hand the Atlanta Falcons quarterback job back to Desmond Ridder

Desmond Ridder's killer turnovers are what started this Atlanta Falcons losing streak and opened the door for a quarterback change. Taylor Heinicke stepped into the role in two games that were "must-win" and the quarterback failed to deliver. Heinicke made a lot of the same mistakes, they simply weren't converted into turnovers as Ridder's were.

Heinicke also showed a lack of an ability to hit plays that Ridder had proven capable of making. This isn't an argument that Ridder is going to step in and suddenly be the franchise quarterback we were hoping for. But rather he is the best option in a bad situation and gives Atlanta their best chance at making a run.

If you lose with Desmond at least you are evaluating the quarterback while pushing yourself into a better draft position. Putting Heinicke in and continuing to lose is pointless. That is what has happened in each of the last three games. Putting Taylor in against New Orleans and expecting a different result speaks of desperation from Arthur Smith and a lack of belief in the young quarterback he has spent so much time defending.