3 Adjustments the Atlanta Falcons should be making during the bye

Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals
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3. Arthur Smith must feed his stars the football

The need for Kyle Pitts, Drake London, and Bijan Robinson to play more of a role is obvious to everyone. Everyone that is except for Arthur Smith, the head coach continues to feature less talented players in key spots. Bijan was given a heavy load last Sunday and the results were telling.

However, as Bijan shined the offense focused on running the ball and failed to consistently give London and Pitts the ball. If Smith ever decides to work all three players into his game plan this offense will begin to look like it was supposed when Atlanta spent three first-round picks on these players.

The idea of starting Desmond Ridder was allowing the quarterback to consistently hand the ball off to Bijan and when he threw the ball to give him easy progressions with Drake or Pitts as the primary target. While this wouldn't wipe away all the issues with Ridder's games it speaks to how far this offense has strayed from what is supposed to be. You have two elite jump ball receivers that are seemingly never used when the Falcons are close to punching it in. Smith's strategy must change or the frustrating results on offense will remain.