3 Aging stars the Atlanta Falcons should consider giving a role in 2024

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1. Cam Newton

The Atlanta Falcons shouldn't consider signing Cam Newton as the starting quarterback or as their backup option. The veteran clearly isn't a passer in this league any longer and wouldn't be an answer for the Falcons. However, if Cam is willing to accept a unique role there is a roster spot for the quarterback in Atlanta.

Consider the fact that the Falcons have used roster spots on Feleipe Franks and Cordarrelle Patterson each of the past two seasons in an effort to find a utility player. While Patterson was that for the Falcons in the first two seasons, last year was a failure.

Atlanta can carry three quarterbacks and having Cam in one of those spots gives the team a unique skill set to use around the goalline and in short-yardage situations. Running their own version of the tush push with Cam Newton the Falcons would have a unique weapon that would protect their starting quarterback.

While there is an argument that Bijan Robinson or Tyler Allgeier could run this role neither is as elite as Newton is at getting that one yard. There is also the quarterback skill set Newton brings to use in trick plays. Bringing a division rival to Atlanta is doubtful but it could be extremely useful if Newton would accept such a role.