3 Aging stars the Atlanta Falcons should consider giving a role in 2024

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2. Julio Jones

Watching Matt Ryan with the Colts and Julio Jones since leaving Atlanta has been sad for fans that grew up watching the incredible duo. Jones isn't anything close to a star receiver or a player he once was. Julio has bounced around the league hunting for a ring and failed with the Titans, Bucs, and Eagles.

Perhaps it is time to come home and have a farewell tour in a player/coach role. Julio can't be expected to be the second option but he can fill the 4th or 5th receiver role. Bringing Jones back to Atlanta gives them a chance to redo an ugly exit and for Julio to go out helping usher in the next generation of Atlanta stars.

Perhaps this is simply just wishful speculation but when you look at Atlanta's roster and lack of talent at receiver how can you not find a spot for even this version of Julio? Jones can be expected to be in and out of the lineup and serve as a rotational player not a starter or a huge contributor. However, even this version of Jones is better than the players Atlanta had behind Drake London in the 2023 season.