3 Atlanta Falcons deals that will prove to be bargains this season

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2. Drake London $870,000 base salary with a $4.8 million-dollar cap hit

Drake London was clearly the right decision for the Atlanta Falcons and put up impressive numbers despite very little around him. It is important to remember that London accomplished a great rookie season with Marcus Mariota at quarterback for the bulk of the season and a lack of a clear second option at his position.

While Kyle Pitts was there until the season ending injury the tight end suffered against the Bears, Pitts and Mariota failed to get on the same page. So often if anything happened in the passing game it was Drake London making a play despite a struggling quarterback.

When Atlanta did finally bench Mariota, London showed impressive chemistry with Desmond Ridder clearly as the primary target and finished the year strong. If there is one complaint or issue with London heading into the 2023 season it is ball security.

Fumbles were an issue for London and cost Atlanta a game they were clearly going to win if not for the ill-timed turnover. Regardless, London was clearly the right selection for Atlanta and a much needed star for a thin position group.