3 Atlanta Falcons facing higher expectations in 2024 season

Indianapolis Colts v Atlanta Falcons
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2. Kirk Cousins

Speaking of the Atlanta Falcons quarterback it is going to be playoffs or bust for this team in the 2024 season. Cousins is going to be expected to play at a high level based on his contract and the frustration at the position from the fanbase.

There is a vocal portion of Atlanta's fanbase that believed Justin Fields or a draft pick would have been a better answer. While there is a chance a draft pick would have been better that is a true risk. Especially when you're taking the 4th quarterback off the board if you're unable to trade up into the top three picks. There is a chance you even end up with the 5th quarterback off the board if J.J. McCarthy goes in the top five.

Kirk Cousins is a borderline top-ten quarterback and is exactly what this franchise needs. However, sports media will be waiting for a rough Cousins game or a slow start from this team. It adds to the prime-time and playoff narrative surrounding Cousins. Kirk needs to get this team off to a solid start and set the expectations for a team that should be hosting a playoff game at the end of 2024.