3 Atlanta Falcons facing the most pressure in week two

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons
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2. Arthur Smith

Arthur Smith clearly is easily frustrated by the questions about his quarterback and the lack of offensive production. Smith coaches the game his way and clearly is focused on adding team-first players that are willing to win games as Atlanta did on Sunday without any frustration.

While Arthur has a point there is also truth in the fact that you aren't going to have Jessie Bates saving you every week and will be playing teams with more talent than Carolina.

There is pressure on Smith not only to prove he can win this season but to prove he can get the quarterback position right. This is a franchise that has fully bet on Desmond Ridder a season after refusing to turn to the rookie until the season was essentially over.

Smith's record at the quarterback position in Atlanta does leave cause for concern. Matt Ryan was given zero help at receiver and little run game in his final season with the Falcons. The following off-season you chase away Ryan going after Deshaun Watson. After the team was lucky enough not to land Watson you turn to Marcus Mariota and continue to start the veteran despite the results and having Ridder on the bench.

If Desmond fails there is reason to wonder if he will be the only Atlanta Falcon to lose their job. This is year three for Arthur Smith and as much as he has proven capable of consistently keeping mediocre teams in games now it is time to prove you can consistently win with an above-average roster.