3 Atlanta Falcons fighting to keep their job heading into 2024 season

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2. Kaleb McGary

Due to the cap situation, there is zero chance that the Falcons are going to cut Kaleb McGary. However, there is a very good chance that the team will opt to look for another starting option. McGary was a liability as a pass protector in the 2023 season. He often put Desmond Ridder in bad situations and forced quick decisions.

This was pass blocking for a quarterback that has the scrambling ability and was working within a rush-heavy offense. Under Zac Robinson and blocking for Kirk Cousins the road is only going to get harder.

Don't be surprised if the Falcons make a quick decision to bench McGary if the level of play doesn't improve. If the best tackle in the draft were to fall due to teams chasing quarterbacks Atlanta could bring in a replacement to compete. At the very least the team is going to add depth they believe can pass protect at a higher level.

Kaleb McGary is the one bad contract on this roster. That can quickly change, however, if Kaleb can turn back the clock and find the player he was in the 2022 season. Protecting Marcus Mariota, McGary was far better and earned a contract that now looks overpriced.