3 Atlanta Falcons fighting to keep their job heading into 2024 season

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3. Avery Williams

The addition of Ray-Ray McCloud puts Avery Williams place on this team into question. Avery Williams missed the entire 2023 season due to injury and stopped what was exciting development for the back and return man. Can Williams still find a place on this roster as a depth piece? What Williams can bring to this team is his ability to play different positions.

He could serve as the third running back as well as emergency corner and return depth. The downside of this would be having a roster spot for a player who is rarely going to see the field. Williams does fit with Atlanta's move to add more speed to this roster.

Avery Williams can still make this team but the additions this offseason made the road all that much harder.

Williams doesn't have much experience at any of the three positions which could work against the young player as well. Avery Williams is a player to watch closely in camp and the preseason. With the team likely protecting snaps for their stars he should get a chance to prove himself heading into the regular season.