3 Atlanta Falcons most affected by their first-round selection

2023 NFL Draft - Portraits
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Atlanta Falcons WR Drake London is affected by Bijan Robinson

Drake London likely wasn't the first player to come to mind following the Atlanta Falcons' selection of Bijan Robinson, but he will be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the team's first-round selection.

Drake is the team's top wide receiver, that much has been crystal clear ever since his name was announced in Las Vegas this time last year. He went into the 2022 season without much help around him at his position. Now, here we are in 2023 and you can say the same thing, to a point.

However, Bijan opens up a lot for Drake London because of all the things he can do at the running back position. He can line up as a slot receiver or make plays from out of the backfield. He can be an excellent receiver that will take attention away from London.

Then there is the simple fact that the more you run the ball, the better the matchups get for your boundary receivers.