3 Atlanta Falcons most affected by their first-round selection

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Atlanta Falcons RB Caleb Huntley is affected by Bijan Robinson

You really have to feel for the former undrafted free agent running back who is coming off a fine season for the Atlanta Falcons. Caleb Huntley basically just lost his spot on this roster and it is just because of unfortunate circumstances for him.

Cordarrelle Patterson is here for at least another year, Tyler Allgeier is here for the long term, Bijan is obviously a lock to make the roster, and then Avery Williams provides a lot of value on special teams while being a solid change-of-pace back.

Caleb Huntley is also coming off of an unfortunate injury. He will likely be cut before the season and hopefully, he will stick around on the practice squad just in case of injury. There just doesn't seem to be room for him anymore.