3 Atlanta Falcons players with a lot to lose in the 2023 season

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Arthur Smith
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The Atlanta Falcons 2023 season should see the team facing the highest expectations since the 2017 season. While Matt Ryan might be gone and the team is facing questions at quarterback they are in the worst division in a very weak conference.

Looking at the current landscape who has an argument as the favorite this season? The Cowboys are always going to be overhyped only for Dak and the offense to make a memorable mistake to end the Dallas season whether it is calling a quarterback sneak to run out the clock or lining Zeke up at center the Cowboys' last two seasons have ended in objectively hilarious fashion.

This leaves the 49ers and Eagles as the only clear playoff teams as a threat to win the NFC. Both teams have questions they are facing heading into 2023.

For Atlanta, the road is never going to be any easier with their schedule, contracts, and roster depth all lining up for the Falcons to make a playoff push this season. A push that will put a lot of pressure on three clear players who have plenty to lose if the 2023 season doesn't go their way. Starting with a veteran who has left reason to question what is left in the tank.