3 Atlanta Falcons players with a lot to lose in the 2023 season

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Casey Hayward
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1. Casey Hayward

With all the moves Atlanta has made on the defensive side an aspect that isn't being talked about enough is Casey Hayward. Hayward is thirty-three and coming off of a serious injury that ended his season and cause the first year in Atlanta to be a disappointment.

Still, Atlanta seems to believe in the veteran bringing back Hayward to start opposite A.J. Terrell. After losing Isaiah Oliver in free agency the team's depth chart at the position is clearly Terrell, Hayward, Hughes, and Alford.

Drafting a player in the first round or adding depth on day two is without question an option. From Hayward's perspective, this season has plenty of pressure after a lost 2022 to prove the veteran can still play at a high level.

If Hayward struggles it is hard to see many teams having an interest in a corner in his mid-thirties who couldn't stay healthy or make it work opposite one of the best young corners in the game. The NFL is a cruel league and even with Hayward's extensive history of success, the corner is going to have to prove himself in the 2023 season or be left searching for a depth role with his career as a starter likely over.