3 Atlanta Falcons players with a lot to lose in the 2023 season

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Jalen Mayfield
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3. Jalen Mayfield

It is obvious a player that should have been cut a season ago has the script written for a return as a starter with the left guard position being open to competition. The difference this time for Mayfield, however, is the third-year player must earn a starting role or likely be cut and moved on from unlikely to land elsewhere.

When it comes to reviewing offensive guard tape few have as ugly a history in one season as Jalen Mayfield. Part of the issue is the fact Arthur Smith continued to run the rookie out as a starter despite allowing interior pass rushers to consistently get to veteran quarterback Matt Ryan.

If there is one thing that a first-year starter doesn't need in year one it is what we saw from Jalen Mayfield in his first season as a starter. Atlanta fans can take solace in the fact that IF Jalen makes it back on the field it will be because he has proven to be a better player and capable of the basic protections he failed in during year one.

If Mayfield isn't able to win the starting job and appears to be the same player Atlanta has no choice but to cut their losses and move on. It is hard to see any team willing to add Mayfield considering the myriad of options in the draft and free agency. It is very clear that Jalen's future in the league is questionable at best.