3 Atlanta Falcons poised for a breakout 2023 season

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1. Bijan Robinson

You can count this writer among those that were skeptical at first when the Atlanta Falcons opted to draft Bijan Robinson in the top ten. Taking the best player on the board is never a bad move but considering the shelf life of the running back position it was fair to question how it would age for the Falcons.

With that said, however, we aren't yet to week one of the season and there is zero question left that the Falcons made the right choice. Bijan Robinson is going to be a star player in this league and will quickly become the face of the Atlanta Falcons offense.

The way he carries himself on and off the field has a level of star power that simply cannot be faked. As long as Robinson is healthy he should be the favorite to win offensive rookie of the year and will take a great Arthur Smith rushing attack to the next level.

Tyler Allgeier and Patterson are still going to be huge parts of this offense but there is no mistaking that this is Robinson's team now and Atlanta's offense will be far more explosive. Bijan Robinson was the right move for Atlanta and will be the star offensive player the team has been missing over much of the last four seasons.