3 Atlanta Falcons poised for a breakout 2023 season

Cincinnati Bengals v Atlanta Falcons
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2. Desmond Ridder

If the first prediction with Robinson goes according to script the degree of difficulty for Desmond Ridder gets even easier. Ridder is going to prove hot-take artists and a portion of Atlanta Falcons fans wrong this season putting up solid numbers and leading the team to a wildcard berth.

Ridder is a young starter and doesn't have top-tier tools he isn't Joe Burrow, Josh Allen, or Patrick Mahomes but has the ability to be an above-average franchise quarterback. Think Ryan Tannehill in Arthur Smith's offense or peak Jimmy G. with the 49ers that is Ridder's ceiling this year with better legs.

This isn't a slight but the reality of Ridder's ability and what the top expectations should be. Considering the games fans had to endure from Marcus Mariota this level of play will look Herculean and be more than enough to push the Falcons to an NFC South title.

Atlanta's path to winning with the roster they have built is following the 49ers or Eagles building a strong roster not relying on a quarterback to bail them out but building a system that props up and develops the position.