3 Atlanta Falcons receivers competing for a starting role

Atlanta Falcons v Baltimore Ravens
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Heading into camp and the preseason the only Atlanta Falcons receivers who should feel confident about a spot on the depth chart are Drake London and Mack Hollins. They are by far the most proven receivers on Atlanta's roster and barring Hollins struggling badly in the preseason should be expected to be the primary starters for the Falcons.

However, even in Atlanta's heavy packages, the team will need a third starting receiver to lean on and build chemistry with Desmond Ridder. There isn't one proven receiver on this roster and that is perhaps the only complaint for an offense that has a chance to be one of the league's top units.

With three backs all capable of starting and elite talents in Kyle Pitts and Drake London along with a great offensive line, it is easy to see why this team is expected to take such a big step forward. If Hollins and a third option at the position are able to step up consistently throughout the season Atlanta's offense has the ability to be a top-five unit.

This is clearly assuming health and young players develop as expected but Atlanta having a top-five offense if they find surprise production at receiver isn't at all out of the question. With the most obvious choice for Atlanta's third receiver being a former division rival.