3 Atlanta Falcons receivers competing for a starting role

Atlanta Falcons v Baltimore Ravens
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1. Scotty Miller

There are two ways of looking at Miller's career thus far, the first would be pointing out that the receiver hasn't been given the chance Atlanta is offering and could thrive in a larger role. The second is pointing out that Miller wasn't the answer for a Tom Brady-led team despite showing early chemistry with Tom.

Failing to stay in the rotation for the Bucs is somewhat understandable when you consider the team has had Mike Evans, Antonio Brown, Gronk, Chris Godwin, Russell Gage, and Julio Jones in their rotation over the last three seasons.

However, injuries have often opened the door for Miller to still play a role and it never seemed to work out. Scotty has a handful of very memorable plays but failed to ever put it all together with the Bucs. Atlanta can offer Miller a chance to win the third receiver role and give the team a much-needed speed bost to stretch the field.

Miller fits exactly what Atlanta needs from a third option and has the most experience at the position giving the veteran the clear inside track to winning the third receiver role.