3 Atlanta Falcons receivers competing for a starting role

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3. Frank Darby

Frank Darby brings a much-needed joy and energy to the team during his time with the Atlanta despite not making the rotation as of yet. If Darby is ever going to work his way into Arthur Smith's offense now is the time for the Atlanta draft pick.

Despite struggling at the position the Falcons have rarely put Darby into the lineup which could be a bit of a concern considering the clear need for production. Though Atlanta's decision-making when it comes to giving younger players a chance in favor of failing veterans hasn't always been sound.

Regardless, now is the time for Darby if the third-year receiver is going to play a role for this team. Darby has 2 career receptions for 29 yards and is now going to be facing more pressure in year three under Arthur Smith. Energy is great but at some point, you have to bring a level of production to this roster and now is the time for Darby or the team may have to choose to move in a different direction.