3 Atlanta Falcons rookies not named Bijan Robinson to watch closely this preseason

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2. Clark Phillips

Update: Phillips suffered a lower leg injury in Tuesday's joint practice with Miami

If the season were to start today A.J. Terrell and Tre Flowers would be the top two corners with Mike Hughes and Dee Alford serving as the rotational options. There is a long way to go before the season kicks off, however, and if there is one player that is going to claw their way into a starting or contributing role it is rookie Clark Phillips.

Phillips is undersized and clearly, that hurt the corners draft positioning and gave Atlanta a chance for one of the steals of the draft. Everything about the way Phillips plays the position is perfect for Atlanta's new-look defense and is going to earn the rookie plenty of chances before the season kicks off to earn his way into the rotation.

What is difficult for Phillips is the fact that there are two experienced veterans in front of him as well as Dee Alford who has the benefit of already spending a year with the team. If there was one position Atlanta was set up well to take an injury it is at corner to test what looks to be great depth and potential. Phillips will be given every chance and is worth watching closely through the three weeks of preseason action.