3 Atlanta Falcons roster battles to keep an eye on

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1. The strong safety position

Jessie Bates is the Atlanta Falcons' starting free safety and locked into his role. Looking to provide for Atlanta exactly what he did for a young Cincy defense Bates role is unquestioned based both on the contract he was given and the level of play he has established in this league. This leaves Atlanta with two starters and one position left to fill before week one.

Jaylinn Hawkins and Richie Grant both have interesting cases as starters and both should be given the chance to win the role. Neither player has shown enough to be considered a lock either on as a starter or even to make the final Atlanta roster.

However, given the injuries Atlanta has dealt with in the secondary over the past two seasons, it should be expected that both players make the roster with one serving as depth for the secondary. DeMarcco Hellums is an interesting option at the position as well but it is very difficult to see the late-round draft pick doing enough to push his way up the depth chart and past both Hawkins and Grant.

Though Atlanta has made surprising decisions over the past two seasons when it comes to starters it seems that it will be either Grant or Hawkins starting alongside Bates in week one.