3 Atlanta Falcons stars facing the most questions in the 2024 season

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1. Bijan Robinson

The Atlanta Falcons drafting Bijan Robinson inside the top-ten caught a lot of heat for good reason. Robinson plays a position that rarely ages well and the Falcons already had an 1,000-yard rusher in Tyler Allgeier. Many (this writer included) defended the move as Bijan Robinson appeared to be a special player who could change life for this offense.

Robinson flashed that ability but clearly failed to put it together consistently. This is a big year for the Falcons back in that a lot of judgments will be made based on how he performs in year two. Did the Falcons waste a draft pick they should have spent on another position? Is Bijan Robinson even the best back in his own class?

These questions will all be far closer to being answered in year two for Bijan and give the Falcons a bit of clarity on the decision. Bijan wasn't helped by the quarterback play or the surprisingly bad blocking at times. He had to work so hard to find open space it is hard to judge his numbers at face value. Give the Falcons back another year but thus far the pick is a questionable decision. However, Bijan has the ability to quiet any detractors with a huge 2024 season.