3 Atlanta Falcons stars facing the most questions in the 2024 season

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3. A.J. Terrell

A.J. has been a great player for the Atlanta Falcons, however, are you willing to pay him top-of-the-market money? Terrell didn't have his best season but clearly is still playing at a high level. The Atlanta corner is due an extension and the question for the Falcons front office is will that happen in Atlanta? The team already has question marks at the corner behind A.J. making the position weaker would be unwise without a solid plan in place.

While this is true, there is also a level of concern with paying A.J. top-corner money. It is the type of deal the previous front office would have made in a heartbeat and that in itself is reason for pause. Terrell has been a great part of Atlanta's defense, however, that defense has never been anything close to elite.

This was one of Atlanta's best defensive seasons in recent franchise history and Terrell wasn't at his best. The level that A.J. played at can be found in free agency at a cheaper rate. The question for Atlanta is who do they believe A.J. is as a player moving forward? The answer to that will determine whether or not an extension gets done.