3 Atlanta Falcons stars that will soon be looking for an extension

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2. Kyle Pitts

Kyle Pitts remains the biggest mystery on the Atlanta Falcons roster. In his rookie season Pitts was faced with being the best receiver and often Matt Ryan's only prayer of moving the ball. This resulted in a huge rookie year and expectations going sky-high for Pitts.

Two years later and we still are unsure exactly what Kyle Pitts ceiling in this league is. Marcus Mariota was a complete mess and unable to deliver Pitts the ball consistently. This leads to the season-ending injury that was still hampering the tight end during the 2023 season.

Before the full injury news was revealed there was reason to question Kyle's effort and ability to find space. However, within the context of the injury, it makes sense that Pitts wasn't fully up to speed. Now all the excuses are gone and he has a capable quarterback in Kirk Cousins.

If Pitts can stay healthy he will force the Atlanta Falcons to pay him and keep an elite weapon for an aging quarterback. The elite ability is still there, the question is can he stay on the field long enough to prove he deserves an extension? Arguably no player's value on this roster has as wild of a potential swing as Kyle Pitts in 2024.