3 Atlanta Falcons stars that will soon be looking for an extension

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3. Drake London

Unlike Terrell and Pitts there should be zero question when the time comes to pay Drake London. This will be London's third season in the league and he can seek an extension shortly after. It would be in Atlanta's best interest to lock up London as quickly as possible.

Unlike the other two players, there aren't any injury concerns so far with London. You have the fact that Drake has produced in complete dysfunction as well. While London hasn't put up elite numbers it is impressive production in Arthur Smith's offense.

Not only was London fighting against poor route concepts but Smith giving the ball to anyone but his best players... The star receiver was also playing with Marcus Mariota and Desmond Ridder. It seemed that their best passes that found an Atlanta Falcons receiver were always to Drake London.

With his ability to highpoint the football London is going to be consistently open. With a quarterback that is going to quickly understand and trust that, London is going to put up elite numbers. If the Falcons have to choose between the three players London should be at the top of the list based on age, health, and value.