3 Atlanta Falcons stars who are facing an uncertain future this season

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1. Jake Matthews

Atlanta Falcons fans know what the left tackle means to this franchise and how consistently great he has been in complete chaos. Finding a capable left tackle isn't easy and the Falcons would be wise to be very careful before making any moves at the position.

As long as Matthews continues to play at his current level the Falcons will accept the high cap hit and move forward. However, there are two things at play here the first is how long Jake Matthews will want to play and this goes hand-in-hand with the second concern and that is regression due to age.

We have seen with Matt Ryan and Julio Jones that franchise legends rarely get the ending they deserve. Jake Matthews is a player to keep a close eye on over the next couple of seasons both due to his future and his maintained level of play.

If you're in the Atlanta front office and not putting emotion with the player and cap number, there is a reason to consider moving on at some point in the very near future. This isn't to suggest that they should make the move only to say that Jake Matthews current cap hit and level of play cannot continue to lineup forever which will move first?