3 Atlanta Falcons stars who are facing an uncertain future this season

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2. A.J. Terrell

The Atlanta Falcons should be scared to lose A.J. Terrell just as they should be scared to pay him top-corner money. In the 2023 season, A.J. Terrell wasn't a top corner in this league. He was still a great player and brought much-needed stability but the level of play didn't match the 2022 season that had many expecting the corner to cash in.

This season is going to be a deciding factor in how the Falcons approach his future in Atlanta. You have exciting young corners you are developing but none appear to have the ceiling of Terrell. There are also the injury concerns and the risk of paying A.J. top-corner money only to get the seasons we watched in 2021 or 2023.

Both are above average and would be great for Atlanta's roster but not if you're playing as a good starter and being paid as a star at your position. With their current cap situation, Atlanta must be very careful how they approach locking up future players.

They do not want to find themselves in the same position they were in after their 2016 playoff run. A.J. Terrell has been great in Atlanta but there might come a time when the price tag doesn't fit.