3 Atlanta Falcons that could have a surprise impact this season

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1. Mack Hollins

Atlanta added another former Raiders receiver coming off a career year in Bryan Edwards the previous off-season. The move was clearly a bust and one of the few trades or moves where Terry Fontenot was clearly the loser. Edwards failed to make the expected impact and quickly fell out of the starting rotation and was cut.

Round two for Fontenot and former Raiders receivers happened this off-season with Atlanta adding Mack Hollins. If the season starter today Hollins would be the clear second option behind Drake London. With the ability and size needed for Arthur Smith's run-blocking system Hollins is a great fit.

While the Falcons ideally would have added a more proven receiver to be the second option or at least more depth if given the chance Hollins will surprise a lot of fans this season. While players who had career-best seasons are generally not Terry Fontenot targets a lot of what helped Mack in the 2022 season is sustainable.

It wasn't as if Mack was suddenly a different player it was simply increased snaps and targets with Hollins making the best of them. Atlanta should expect this level of production to continue with Hollins finishing the 2023 season with 400-500 receiving yards if the team doesn't add a better second option.