3 Atlanta Falcons that could have a surprise impact this season

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2. DeMarcco Hellams

Not only do I believe that Hellams will make the Atlanta Falcons roster but the safety will carve out a contributing role. While the pick may have been one of the least popular in what was a great draft Hellams is a clear fit for Nielsen and Gray and will have a myriad of veterans to lean on and learn from as the rookie attempts to make the roster.

Hellams attacks the run and while there are obvious concerns in coverage the safety could be used in different roles in Atlanta's defense. The final round of the draft is a guessing game where teams in all honesty are hoping to get lucky making the right decision.

Finding a starter at this point in the draft is rare and finding a star player is next to impossible. For Hellams, a surprise impact is simply making the roster and playing a contributing role. That is exactly what the former Alabama safety will do for a team that clearly has very few depth spots up for grabs heading into camp and the preseason.

Hellams making the roster will be one of the few surprises heading into the season with clear roles and starters already locked in.