3 Atlanta Falcons that could have a surprise impact this season

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3. Jared Bernhardt

The star of last year's preseason games never made the rotation dealing with injuries and is clearly behind more established receivers. With the lack of proven options and Ridder's clear chemistry with Bernhardt, it is now or never for one of the better stories in the league.

Bernhardt starting the season as the 3rd or 4th option wouldn't be at all surprising considering the team's lack of depth. If Bernhardt is ever going to make an impact now is the time with Ridder needing a reliable second or third target and the depth chart battle being completely open after Drake London.

The most likely way this plays out is the Falcons start the season with Drake London, Mack Hollins, Scotty Miller, and Jared Bernhardt as their top four options in that order. Bernhardt is going to have to make the most of limited opportunities.