3 Atlanta Falcons that could return punts after injury to Williams

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1. Dee Alford

Along with the now-retired Jared Bernhardt, Alford was the story and surprise of Atlanta's camp and preseason last year. Making the roster and clearly working his way into the rotation throughout the season. With Atlanta's newly added depth at corner, however, it is fair to question where Alford might find himself in the rotation.

Alford has the hands and speed to return punts at a high level and would offer the Falcons a reason to lock in a roster spot for the developing corner. Though Alford is twenty-five this is just his second season in the league having played in the CFL from 2020 until 2022.

Clearly, Alford's best moment with Atlanta was against the Browns catching a game sealing interception and establishing himself early as a playermaker. While Alford was far from perfect it seemed something good would happen anytime the young corner was on the field.

Dee Alford is Atlanta's best option on their current roster and would give the team the ability to keep developing the young corner while Alford is still playing an impact role.