3 Atlanta Falcons that deserved a better ending with the franchise

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1. Devonta Freeman

Freeman is the Atlanta Falcons 6th all-time leading rusher and had an underappreciated career that was clearly derailed by injuries. While it is a position that is often deals with career-altering injuries Freeman was a great back who was ahead of his time and often underappreciated. Freeman's ability as a receiver and to create space was exactly what the Falcons had been missing for much of Matt Ryan's career and helped the quarterback win an MVP and put up his best seasons in an impressive career.

For Freeman, however, his career is always going to be unfairly remembered not for what he did but for what the back failed to do in the biggest moment. Freeman's missed block in the Super Bowl is so often unfairly painted when you consider who he was supposed to block, the play call, and the rest of the game that gave the Falcons a myriad of chances to turn the tide.

Perhaps in time, Freeman's career will be remembered fairly for what the back accomplished during his time in Atlanta and an impressive career arc that was ended with injuries that left Devonta a step slower and unable to live up to expectations.