3 Atlanta Falcons that deserved a better ending with the franchise

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3. Matt Ryan

What could the Atlanta Falcons record have been in the 2022 season if Matt Ryan were the quarterback? Yes, you wouldn't have the Marcus Mariota scrambles but you would also have a capable passer and an elite leader that could have served as a much better bridge to Desmond Ridder this season.

It was clear from the start with Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith that the duo wanted their own quarterback. Look at how Ryan was set up in year one left to take punishment behind Jalen Mayfield with Gage and Tajae Sharpe often as his best receivers.

After enduring that season the Falcons repaid the quarterback by turning their attention towards Deshaun Watson. It was a disgusting situation and choice that pushed Matt Ryan out and could ultimately end his career after one failed season with the Colts.

Even if it were the time to turn the page on Ryan the way the team did it and handled the entire situation wasn't deserved. Marcus Mariota was an obvious downgrade and lacked the leadership and passing ability Ryan would have brought. The Falcons were so ready to turn the page on the best player in franchise history that they failed to find an adequate replacement. Even now as Desmond improves it is clear an aging Matt Ryan would be better in the immediate. Matt deserved better from this regime and should have been given a kinder exit from Atlanta.